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Warsaw 2014 Sticker

2014 Honeynet Project Workshop
12-14 May 2014 | Warsaw

The Workshop Committee coordinating with the local workshop co-coordinator - CERT Polska - is responsible for organizing the annual Honeynet Project workshop, which is held every year in the spring. Members of the workshop committee help identify cutting-edge issues for presentation and recruit highly qualified speakers to participate in the workshop. They also work throughout the year in preparation for workshop, assist with on-site logistics and take an active role in running the actual workshop.

Workshop Committee Members

Chief Workshop Officer (CWO)

Julia Yu-Chin Cheng (Taiwan Chapter)


Christian Seifert (Pacific Northwest Chapter)
Christopher Lek (Singapore Chapter)
Kara Nance (Alaskan Chapter)
Leon van der Eijk (HoneyNED Chapter)
Max Kilger (Spartan Devils Chapter)
Roberto Tanara (Sysenter Chapter)
Tillmann Werner (Giraffe Chapter)

Local workshop coordinator – CERT Polska

Piotr Kijewski
Paweł Jacewicz

Graphic Designer

Christine Kilger


Do you have specific questions? Contact us via [email protected]

The 2014 Honeynet Project Workshop is sponsored by:

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